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About Me

Parky Lau, M.A., is a Ph.D. Candidate at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), Toronto, Ontario. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia and Master of Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Parky has extensive clinical and research experience in the field of clinical psychology. He works in the Sleep and Depression Laboratory as an assessor, therapist, and researcher on clinical trials providing cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia. As a researcher, Parky has published in peer-reviewed journals on mood, sleep health, and behavioural treatments of insomnia.

In terms of clinical work, Parky has completed several clinical practica at reputable teaching hospitals and medical institutions: St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, and the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. As such, he has worked with a number of patients presenting with different psychological challenges: depression, substance use, chronic insomnia, perinatal anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress, and emotion dysregulation.

A short foreword below:

“I recognize that research is sometimes written in a way that is less accessible to the community for whom the research is for, which is problematic because there’s a lot of useful information in the scientific literature that could be used by the general public to support their mental health.

At Simply Mental Health, you’ll be able to learn more about mental health and psychological disorders in an easy to understand and (hopefully) enjoyable way. It’s also a place for you to obtain clinical skills and techniques that psychologists usually provide to patients in therapy that you can add to your mental health toolbox.

I hope you find something here that is helpful and worthwhile in your mental health journey.